Mining Services

Enerflow Mining Services can help assist you in meeting your production deadlines in a cost-effective, professional, and safe manner by providing you with experienced tradespeople.

At Enerflow Mining Services we focus on the needs of our customers by providing flexible recruitment and labour hire services which meet our customers’ requirements for quality, safety & controlling costs. We deliver maximum value and strengthening relationships with our customers through effective communication. Whether you are looking for labour hire, casual staff, temporary staff, or full-time employees Enerflow Mining Services can supply your business with qualified maintenance specialists precisely selected for each role.

Due to our rigorous selection process undertaken during the recruitment, we believe we have the best staff in the market. Furthermore, within our team at Enerflow Mining Services, we have a high level of mining experience and therefore pride ourselves on understanding our client’s particular project requirement and then selecting the correct staff to meet those requirements. The field staff are supported by professionally trained and qualified office staff with the HSE, HR and the labour manager overseeing and supporting the field operations. Furthermore, our team come fully prepared and are equipped with their own tooling and personal protective equipment that results in them being able to hit the ground running.

Field Service

In addition to the above, Enerflow Mining Services can also provide Mechanical Field Service labour with a fully equipped mine spec vehicle. Our mobile onsite repairs service has been used by our clients for situations such as emergency breakdowns, labour shortages, and leave coverage.

At Enerflow Mining Services we feel the only way that we can establish and maintain a strong, growing, and successful company in today’s industry is to provide our clients with a level of service that is second to none. Dedication to quality and our commitment to always do better is what separates Enerflow Mining Services from the rest.